What Happened to PHPSTREAMING

Back in 2017, Post House Production launched a website that offered Streaming Video Content. The original concept, was to have an online, video digital news site featuring local events AND have an area where customers could view streaming versions of their purchased video titles. 

PHPSTREAMING was a membership site and required creating an account and “joining” a local community. Admittedly, this process was a little complicated just to be able to view a video title plus the cost and complexities of managing the two e-commerce sites were beginning to take their toll. 

Our original online e-commerce site, PHPAVSUPERSTORE, has been completly re-written to offer both online purchases AND membership capability for the Video On Demand streaming titles. Everything’s in one place now AND you will have the ability to view past orders, receive order tracking on new orders, follow production progress and get support.

When you purchase a DVD title from the store, you are automatically added to the viewing membership for that title. Memberships are called “Galleries” here because a membership could be any combination of Posts, Video Titles, or a collection of Photographs from a recent Special Event. You can find your membership content under the “My Galleries” tab on the menu.

We are in the process of adding the back content and the accounts from the old PHPSTREAMING site to this new site. If you make a purchase in the future, we will automatically add your previously purchased titles to your Galleries. However, if you would just like to have access to your older content sooner, simply create an account here (no purchase required) and drop us a line on our contact page.

Thank You and Happy Streaming!

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